Art Crimes '96 Tour

This collection of set lists, photos, and commentaries and reports from fans and critics of the Art Crimes '96 tour includes dispatches to the Banyan Trees guestbook, the Steely Fan listserv, the news group and other places I would list were I not afraid of being prosecuted. The entire potpourri is then organized using incredibly bad HTML for your dining and dancing pleasure.
July 5:

Charleston SC

July 6:

Virginia Beach VA

July 7:

Raleigh NC

July 10:

Charlotte NC

July 12:

Tampa, FL

July 13:

West Palm Beach FL

July 14:

Orlando FL

July 16:

Cincinnati OH

July 17:

Pittsburgh PA

July 19:

Wantagh NY

July 20:

Camden NJ

July 21:

Manassas VA

July 23-24:

Holmdel NJ

July 26:

Mansfield MA

July 27:

Hartford CT

July 28:

Toronto ON

July 30:

Cuyahoga Falls OH

July 31:

Clarkston MI

Aug. 2:

Chicago IL

Aug. 3:

East Troy WI

Aug. 4:

Minneapolis MN

Aug. 6:

Kansas City MO

Aug. 7:

Denver CO

Aug. 9:

Irvine CA

Aug. 10:

Las Vegas NV

Aug. 12:

Los Angeles CA

Aug. 13:

Mountain View CA

Aug. 15:

Portland OR

Aug. 16:

Vancouver BC

George WA



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