Metal Leg Index, 1987-1993

Compiled by Steven Kranz

This index compiles all the major entries (generally those longer than a paragraph) in Metal Leg from issue 1 (April 1987) through issue 22 (August 1993). For the most part, photos are not indexed. The identifying of the individual issues of Metal Leg has been inconsistent, using, at different times, a month & year, a volume & a number, a season & a year, as well as an issue number alone. For the purpose of this index, only the issue numbers have been used for identification.

A correlation of the dates and numbers of the issues follows: Issue 1 (April 1987), Issue 2 (July 1987), Issue 3 (October 1987), Issue 4 (February 1988), Issue 5 (April 1988), Issue 6 (July 1988), Issue 7 (October 1988), Issue 8 (January 1989), Issue 9 (April 1989), Issue 10 (July 1989), Issue 11 (October 1989), Issue 12 (January 1990), Issue 13 (July 1990), Issue 14 (Fall 1990), Issue 15 (Winter 1991), Issue 16 (Volume 5, number 2-The Larry Carlton Special Issue), Issue 17 (Volume 5, number 3), Issue 18 (Volume 5, number 4-April 1992), Issue 19 (Volume 6, number 1), Issue 20 (January 1993), Issue 21 (April 1993) and Issue 22 (August 1993-The Post-Irony Tour Issue). While issue 17 is a double issue in length, it does not count as two numbers.

Individual songs are not indexed, save for unreleased or quasi-apocryphal songs which appear on bootlegs (such as "Dr. Udu's Proto-Man" or "The Second Arrangement"), plus singles and oddball tracks (such as "Dallas" or "Here In The Western World"). If a songwriter is not indicated by a specific song's entry, it is assumed to be a Becker & Fagen composition.

The primary subject entries under the main headings are: Appearances; Concert reviews; Influences; Interviews; Obituary; Overviews; Press kits; Reviews; Songs; Sound Quality; and Tours. Additional entries occur as needed; some unique entries have been placed according to the article title (such as "Dr. Shrink's X-Ray Report On Donald Fagen" within the Fagen, Donald main heading). Individual topics discussed in interviews have, for the most part, not been indexed, but the date and interviewer are listed. When an interview has a particular focus, such as the promotion of a recent release, that focus is indicated. Interviews with both Becker and Fagen are indexed under the Becker & Fagen heading.


Main Heading (identification) (see also Other Heading(s))

    Subject heading, "Title as given in METAL LEG," # [issue number], p. [page]


Aja (album)

All Too Mobile Home (bootleg) (see also This All Too Mobile Home)
"Any Way You Want It" (unreleased song)
Baird, Mike (drummer)
    Interviewed by Jeff Porcaro for the November 1990 issue of Modern Drummer, #17, p.48

Baxter, Jeff "Skunk" (guitarist)
Beau Bolero (Steely Dan tribute band)
Becker & Fagen (songwriters & raconteurs) (see also Walter Becker, see also Donald Fagen, see also Steely Dan)
Becker and Fagen-The Collection (bootleg album)
Becker, Walter (guitarist/bassist, songwriter, producer) (see also Becker & Fagen, see also Steely Dan, see also Kamakiriad)
Bent Over Backwards (Canadian bootleg album)
Berberian, Cathy (vocalist)
Berns, Bert (songwriter) (see also New York Soul)
    Biography, "Bert Berns/Jerry Ragavoy," #12, p.5

Berry Town (sic) (bootleg album)
"Big Noise, New York" (Fagen & Marcelle Clemens-penned song)
    Appearance on Jennifer Warnes' The Hunter, #19, p.8

"Blue Lou" (Fagen-penned song)
    Appearance on Glengarry Glen Ross soundtrack, #20, p.6

Bright Lights, Big City (film & soundtrack) (see "Bright Lights, Big City"[song])
Brooks, Harvey (bassist)
    Interviewed in July 1992, "Bassmaster General," #19, p.28

Burroughs, William S. (author)
    Fagen's contribution to a Burroughs recording project & the release of the film Naked Lunch, "Burroughs On Film and CD," #15, p.12

Butler, Sam (guitarist & vocalist)
    Becker & Fagen writing songs for an album by Butler, "Steely Dan Soul?" (pre-production notes), #18, p.6

Can't Buy A Thrill (album)
Carlton, Larry (guitarist & composer)
Castle Communications (record label)
"The Caves of Altramira"(sic) (demo of the song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.4

"Century's End" (Fagen-penned song)
China Crisis (group)
    Interviewed c. 1989 by Brian Sweet & Dave Edney, "China Crisis Interview ," (part 1), #10, p.4
    Interviewed c.1989 by Brian Sweet & Dave Edney, "China Crisis Interview (Part 2)," #11, p.4

Clemens, Marcelle (background vocalist, author of the novel Rock Me) (see also "Big Noise, New York")
Clinton, Bill (Mr. President)
    Use of "Reelin' In The Years" in 1992 campaign, #20, p.6

"Confide In Me" (Fagen-penned song)
    Manhattan Transfer version, #17, p.6

Countdown To Ecstasy (album)
"Dallas" (song)
Dawson, Stuart (Dinky) (engineer)
    Interviewed c. July 1991, #18, p.30

Dias, Denny (guitarist)
    Appearance at the Jeff Porcaro tribute (14 December 1992), # 21, p.10
    Press kit (1972) entry reproduced, #19, p.25

"Dog Eat Dog" (song) (see You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It)
    "Dr. Udu's Proto-Man" (unreleased song) Baxter's comments on, "News," #6, p.3
    Becker's comments on, #14, p.16

Fabriani, Tristan (aka Donald Fagen)
    Liner notes penned by Fabriani from album version of Can't Buy A Thrill (not reproduced on the CD version), "Thrillin' Liner Notes," #19, p.21

Fagen, Donald (vocalist/keyboard player & songwriter) (see also Becker & Fagen, see also Steely Dan, see also Tristan Fabriani, see also The Nightfly, see also Kamakiriad)
"FM" (song)
    Debut of live version (c. early 1993) at the New York Nights, #21, p.12

Franks, Michael (vocalist & songwriter)
    Production work with Becker, "Michael Franks and Walter Becker: The Vulcan Mind Meld," #14, p.10

Gaucho (album)
    Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ultradisc version released, #16, p.13<

Gold & Gold-The Expanded Edition (album)
    Compact disc release, #17, p.16
    Compact disc (notes on the production flaws and inclusions on Gold- The Expanded Edition), #18, p.8

Greatest Hits (album)
    Origin of "Here In The Western World," #5, p.22

Grimes, Steve (Luthier)
    Letter to Metal Leg, #22, p.49

Hades (Manhattan club/dive bar)
    Becker & Fagen's 15 May 1990 appearance with The Little Big Band (including set list), #13, p.2
    Closing, "Hades Busted," #15, p.7

"Here In The Western World" (song)
"Ida Lee" (unreleased song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.4

Jackson, Chuck (vocalist)
    Biography, "Mr. Everything," #19, p.34

Jones, Rickie Lee (singer/songwriter)
    Becker on his production of Jones' "Flying Cowboys," #14, p.14
    Television appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show c. late 1990 with Becker, #12, p.3

Jostyn, Mindy (vocalist/songwriter, violinist, harmonica player) (see also New York Nights)
    Appearance c. October 1991 of Fagen with The Mindy Jostyn Band, #15, p.9
    Voted NYR&SR M.V.P., #20, p.29

Kamakiriad (album)
    Interviews (various) with Fagen re: Kamakiriad, "Donald Fagen's New Sincerity," #22, p.14
    Interview with drummer Christopher Parker (on Kamakiriad sessions & other projects), #22, p.32
    Overview (pre-production notes), "Donald News," #19, p.8
    Overview (pre-release notes), "Fagen and Backer in Hawaii," #15, p.6
    Overview (pre-release notes), "Donald's Solo Album," #18, p.4
    Overview (pre-release notes), "Donald & Walter & a solo album on the horizon," #20, p.4
    Overview (pre-release notes), "Donald's Kamakiriad out May 25th," #21, p.4
    Press kit, excerpts, "The Songs," #22, p.13
    Review by Parke Puterbaugh for Stereo Review (c. mid-1993), "Performance: Sleek, Recording: Pristine,"#22, p.17
    Review by Ken Tucker for The Village Voice, "Burning Chrome," #22, p.18
    Reviews, various US, "A critic grabs us and says without a smile," #22, p.20
    Reviews, various Canadian, #22, p.23

Kannon, Gary (see Gary Katz)

Katy Lied (album)
Katz, Gary (ne Kannon)(producer)
Khan, Steve (guitarist)
    Interviewed c. winter 1991 by Metal Leg, "Steve Khan Q & A," #15, p.30
    Letter to Metal Leg, "Heartbreak Souvenir," #15, p.28
    Liner notes penned by Fagen for Khan's album, Arrows, reproduced, "Little Arrows," #15, p.31

"Kulee Baba" (unreleased song)
    Lyric transcribed, #18, p.45

LaPalm, Dick (producer, general manager of Village Recorder, LA)
Laverne, Andy (keyboard player)
    Interviewed (along with Becker) on 24 October 1991 by Ray White, "Walter Becker Interview: The Day After," #18, p.20

Lazerus, Daniel (engineer)
    Interviewed in Winter 1992 by Pete Fogel et al, #21, p.26

"Lazy Nina" (Fagen-penned song)
    Covered by both Greg Phillinganes and Monkey House, #21, p.9

Ledgerwood, LeeAnn (keyboard player)
    Interviewed (along with Becker) on 24 October 1991 by Ray White, "Walter Becker Interview: The Day After," #18, p.20

Libby Titus Presents New York Nights (see New York Nights, see also Libby Titus)

The Little Big Band (group) (see also Jimmy Vivino, see also Bob Smith, see also New York Nights)

    Appearances c. mid-1990 with Fagen at Hades, #14, p.4
    Appearance (22 October 1991 show) with Fagen at Hades, #15, p.10
    Concert review (12 & 13 July 1991 appearance with Fagen), "Fagen Plays Woodstock," #17, p. 11
    Set list,group lineup & photos (19 June 90 show) with Becker & Fagen, #13, p.6

Lost Tribe (group)
    Interviewed c. early 1993 by Pete Fogel, #22, p.42
    Production notes & LA Times review quote, #21, p.8

Love and Money (group)
    On Fagen & Katz, #6, p.3

Marotta, Rick (drummer)
    Interviewed by Robyn Flans for the September 1977 issue of Modern Drummer, #17, p.48

McDermott, Denny (drummer)
    Biography, "Sideman Spotlight," , #17, p.18

Metheny, Pat (guitarist, composer)
    Appearance with Becker & Fagen at the New York Nights (2 December 1991 show), #18, p.14
    Appearance (c. early 1993) with the New York Nights, #21, p.12

Miller, Mitch (bandleader & singalong chap)
    Becker & Fagen on Miller's complaint, #6, p.13
    Complains about Becker's guitar playing, #10, p.26

"Mr. Lyle," (unreleased song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.3

Muldaur, Jenni (vocalist) (see also New York Nights)
    Releases eponymous album, #21, p.8

My Old School (Steely Dan tribute band) (see also Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, see also Elliot Randall)
"New Frontier"
New York Nights (see also New York Rock & Soul Revue, see also New York Soul)
    Concert review (23 October 1991 show) by Wayne Robbins for New York Newsday, "Reelin' In A Brief Steely Dan Reunion," #18, p.27
    Concert review (23 October 1991 show) by Kevin O'Hare for Union-News, "Steely Dan Reels In Years With Rare Live Show," #18, p.28
    Overview (3 & 4 April 1992 shows), #19, p.9
    Concert review (c. early 1993 shows) with extensive photos, "The New York Nights Continue," #21, p.12

New York Rock & Soul Revue (see also New York Nights, see also New York Soul)
    Concert reviews (4 April 1990 show), various reviewers, #13, p.8
    Concert review (24 August 1990 show) by Diane Patrick for Billboard, #14, p.34
    Concert review (1 & 2 March 1991 show), "The Beacon Show," #16, p.4
    Overview of upcoming 1990 shows, "New York Rock & Soul Review II," #15, p.12
    Television appearance on In Concert '91, 13 September 1991, "Soul sacrifice," #17, p.7
    Tour overview (including tour itinerary, set list and a listing of all musicians), various reviewers, "Tour Recap: On The Road August 14th-30th, 1992," #20, p.16
    Tour (1993) overview (including set list, dates and venues), "Becker and Fagen Hit the Road," #19, p.4

New York Soul (see also New York Nights, see also New York Rock & Soul Revue)
    Concert review (20 Sept 1989 show), "New York Soul," #11, p.14
    Tour overview (including tour itinerary, set list and a listing of all musicians), various reviewers, "Tour Recap: On The Road August 14th-30th, 1992," #20, p.16

Nichols, Roger (immortal engineer)
    Grammy nomination for The Nightfly, #7, p.4
    Interviewed c. early June 1989, "Roger Nichols Interview," #10, p.14
    Interviewed c. early 1990s by Brian Sweet, #21, p.32 Nichols, Roger, -penned article c. 1991 about Becker & Fagen's individual projects, "Roger Nichols," #17, p. 46
    Nichols, Roger, -penned article on the flaws of the first compact disc issues of Steely Dan albums by MCA, "Snap Crackle & Pop Music," #18, p.40

The Nightfly (album) (see also Donald Fagen)
"Oh Wow It's You" (unreleased song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.5

Omartian, Michael (keyboard player, arranger)
"One Ticket To L.A." (unreleased song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.5

The Original Soundtrack (ostensible group)
Palmer, David (vocalist)
    Press kit (1972) entry reproduced, #19, p.26

Parker, Christopher (drummer)
    Interviewed c. early 1993 by Pete Fogel, #22, p.32

Parsons, David (dancer) (see "Shanghai Confidential")

Phillinganes, Greg (keyboard player)
    Covers Fagen's "Lazy Nina," #21, p.9
    Interviewed by Robert L. Doerschuk for the August 1991 issue of Keyboard (re: The Nightfly sessions), #17, p.48

Porcaro, Jeff (drummer)
    Interview with Gary Katz, "Gary Katz talks about Jeff Porcaro," (reminiscences from various sources), #20, p.14
    Obituary, "Jeff Porcaro 1954-1992," #20, p.16
    Overview, "Jeff Porcaro," Ron Cohen (1977), #20, p.16
    Porcaro interviews Mike Baird for November 1990 issue of Modern Drummer, #17, p.48
    Tribute (article and photos), "A Tribute to Jeff Porcaro, Universal Amphitheater December 14, 1992," #21, p.10

Pretzel Logic (album)
    Overview series part 2 by Dave Edney, "Pretzel Logic/Katy Lied," # 9, p.17
    Review by Robert Christgau for The Village Voice, #19, p.22

Ragavoy, Jerry (songwriter) (see also New York Soul)
    Appearance at NY Soul, 20 September 1989, "New York Soul," #11, p.14
    Biography, "Bert Berns/Jerry Ragavoy," #12, p.5

Randall, Elliot (guitarist) (see also New York Nights)
River Sound Studio (NY studio owned by Donald Fagen and Gary Katz)
    Hugh Padgham's comments about River Sound, #17, p.6
    Production notes (various), "River Sound News," #18, p.7
    Production notes (various), "More News," #20, p.8

"The Roaring Of The Lamb" (unreleased song)
    Appearance on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.5

Roccisano, Joe (arranger) (see The Hoops McCann Band) (see also "Blue Lou")

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
    Letter to Metal Leg c.early 1993 from Bonnie Z. Oviatt, research coordinator #22, p.50

Root Boy Slim (aka Foster McKenzie III) (vocalist)
    Obituary, #22, p.11

The Royal Scam (album)
    Becker & Fagen interviewed on 25 May 1976 by Nicky Horne (promoting The Royal Scam), "Your Mother Wouldn't Like It," #4, p.8
    Overview series (including comments & reviews) part 3 by Dave Edney, "The Royal Scam/Aja," #10, p.17
    Overview, "The Strange World of Steely Dan" by Tim Lott, from the 25 December 1976 issue of (UK publication) Sounds, #18, p.44

"Sail The Waterway" (unreleased song)
Sample, Joe (keyboard player)
    Interviewed in October 1992 by Pete Fogel, #21, p.37

Scaggs, Boz (vocalist) (see New York Nights)

Schleifer, Lincoln (bassist)
    Comments re: work on Kamakiriad, #14, p.3

"The Second Arrangement"(legendary erased song)
See For Miles (illicit UK label) (see You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It)

"Shanghai Confidential" (Fagen-penned song)
    Daniel Lazerus interview (comments on song), #21, p.28

Smith, Bob (trombonist)
    Biography, "Sideman Spotlight," #17, p.19

Snow, Phoebe (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter) (see New York Nights)

Steely Dan (group) (see also Becker & Fagen, see also Walter Becker, see also Donald Fagen, see also Gary Katz, see also various album titles)
Steely Dan Gold (album) (see Gold)

Stone Piano (bootleg album)
    "News," #6, p.3

Stix, John (editor, Guitar For The Practicing Musician)
    Interview c. 1987 by Pete Fogel et al (re: Larry Carlton) , #16, p.18

Sun Mountain (bootleg album)
    Release of bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/ Berry Town," #4, p.3

Sweet, Brian (writer, UK founder of Metal Leg)
    Begins work on a book about Steely Dan, #20, p.9

"Take It Out On Me" (unreleased song)
    Released on bootleg album, "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.5

Teeny (author)
    "Haitian Divorce: A Floridian Odyssey," #17, p.56

This All Too Mobile Home (bootleg album)
    Cover reproduced, #19, p.22

Titus, Libby (vocalist/songwriter & producer) (see also New York Nights, see also New York Rock & Soul Revue, see also New York Soul)
    Marries Fagen, "Donald gets hitched," #22, p.9
    Production notes re: New York Nights, "Libby Titus presents New York Nights and a Steely Dan Reunion," #18, p.9

"Undecided" (unreleased song)
    "Sun Mountain/Berry Town," #4, p.3

Unmitigated Audacity Records (illicit Canadian label)
Valk, Katie (publicist)
    Saves wreck victim, #10, p.26

Vela, Rosie (vocalist & songwriter)
The Very Best Of Steely Dan (bootleg [?] UK compilation)
The Vivino Brothers (Jimmy [the guitarist] and Jerry [the saxophonist])
    Chitlins Parmigiana released, #20, p.8

Vivino, Jimmy (guitarist, arranger) (see also The Vivino Brothers, see also The Little Big Band, see also New York Nights)
    Appearance with Fagen (9 May 1991 appearance at the Bottom Line's "A Bunch of Songwriters Sitting Around Singing" show) "In Their Own Words," Ken Vogel, #17, p.9
    Fagen's appearance (19 June 90) with Vivino's Little Big Band, #13, p.4
    Work on the Night And The City soundtrack, "Are You Talkin' To Me?" #18, p.7
    Works on the Sister Act soundtrack, #17, p.7 Works on the Sister Act 2 soundtrack, #21, p.9

White, Dorothy (artist)
    Changes to cover art for Countdown To Ecstasy, #6, p.27

You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It (film & soundtrack)
"Your Gold Teeth" (song)
Zazu (album) (see Rosie Vela)

Zombie (drink)
    Recipe, #18, p.45
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